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Blockworks 3.1

Download Blockworks 3.1

Click here to purchase Blockworks 3.1 using credit card, debit card, check, fax, wire transfer, PayPal or other methods.

Pricing information

Version 3.1: US$ 19.95 Buy now!
Multiple and special school licenses: contact us for a quote.


In case you do not have your trial copy of Blockworks, you may download it here.

What are the advantages of registering Blockworks?


No time limit. The unregistered version has a 30-day trial limit.


Priority one-to-one user support via e-mail and web site.


Free updates within the same version number and substantial discounts on major upgrades.


Splash screen is removable and is personalized with your name.


About dialog box personalized with your name.


Bye-bye screen does not appear.


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