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Blockworks 3.1

Download Blockworks 3.1

What is Blockworks?

Blockworks is a virtual construction toy aimed at kids of all ages. You assemble models by adding blocks adjacent to one another or by stacking them. Models may be enhanced with animated blocks, ambient sounds and a host of colorful backgrounds.

Great features


Endless model building possibilities in several scales


Attractive and intuitive interface


More than 700 carefully drawn blocks divided in 20 sets


Block animation with exciting user-selectable soundtracks


Sound effects while editing models


Custom Open and Save dialog boxes with high-quality model preview


Eighty-five color backgrounds including beautiful gradients, composite images and a powerful color control


Four block editing modes where users may freely spread, move, rotate or erase one block or a stack of blocks


Includes several example models ready to be loaded and modified


Create wallpapers to your Windows desktop


Simplified operation modes designed specially for small children


Print hard copies to decorate your room and impress your friends


Export your models as bitmap images for use in a paint program or to send them to your friends


Friendly, attractive help file with included step-by-step tutorial


Runs on Windows 98/98SE/Me, Windows NT/2000 and Windows XP.

Download Blockworks for a full-featured free 30-day trial!

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