Blockworks - The virtual construction toy for kids of all ages


Design, build and play with the virtual construction toy

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Blockworks 3.1

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Awards and user comments


First place in ZDNet Shareware Awards, category Family Fun


Finalist in ZDNet Shareware Awards, category, category Strategy/Puzzles/Logic Games


Four stars in


Third place among the 100 Most Popular Freeware Titles in ZDNet, Games category


Editor's choice and five stars (maximum) in TopShareware


GlobalShareware 5 Gold Disc Awards (maximum)


"Get It!" in


Four stars (maximum!) in Freeware32


Editorís Pick Award in SoftSeek


Five stars (maximum!) in Softseek


Five stars (maximum) in ZDNet


Reviewer's Pick in ZDNet


Top Download in Yahoo ZDNet


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"Very high tech and futuristic pictures to create using robotics Ė then print them out for posters in your room." Akrtonschools


"In Blockworks, you're limited only by your imagination." Zdnet


"Put a pulley here, a wheel there, a shaft on the end of something, a few drive belts, a control panel, maybe a tree. And what have you got? God only knows, but it looks neat. Click and drop, or click and drag to get a whole line of things. Hypervisual also has a shareware version if you just canít get enough." Thepocket


"With Blockworks, your kids will develop their imagination while they play with parts shaped in various ways" Starmedia Software


"Here's another program that you can lose yourself in. You build whatever it is you'd like using different kinds of building blocks." Angelfire


"The program interface is simple and intuitive... You will have no difficulties to use it." Uol Dicas


"This virtual construction program is simple enough to be enjoyed by 5-year-olds yet subtle enough to entrance work-weary adults." Zdnet


"Create cool looking pictures with funky blocks. Virtual block building only WAY cooler." Kids Internet


"Remember playing with blocks as a kid? Well, this is a great block building simulation that allows you to manipulate blocks of various shapes and sizes to create whatever your heart desires." Game Spy Fileplanet


"2D models can be easily made using Hypervisual Blocks." Gamedudes

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