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Blockworks 3.1

Download Blockworks 3.1

Welcome to the Blockworks web site

A Blockworks 3 screen shot!

Blockworks, the FREE virtual construction toy for kids of all ages, is perfect for your children and the whole family. It encourages creative and limitless exploration of a virtual world built by the kids themselves. Have even more fun adding color, animation and sounds. Blockworks is guaranteed to provide hours and hours of healthy entertainment.

Choose among the seven hundred carefully drawn parts available, then stack and group them in infinite ways. Then use animation, ambient sounds and one of the many colorful backgrounds to increase the fun. You will also be able to create Windows wallpapers, print hard copies to decorate your room, export your models as images and much more. You will be amazed at the infinite possibilities of Blockworks!

See the features page for details and more information or go directly to the download area to start the fun right now!


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