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Hypervisual Century

Technical support

Problem: the program issues an error message ("This program requires at least 3MB of free virtual memory to run") and stops.

This program was developed with an old version of Macromedia Director which may malfunction when running on systems with 1GB RAM or more. Other products developed with Macromedia Director 6.0 will have the same problem.

The solution: Change your virtual memory settings.

Warning: The following procedure may potentially affect other applications. Reverse these settings later if necessary.

1. Start the System Properties applet in the Control Panel.
2. Select the Advanced tab.
3. In the Performance section, click on the Settings button. This will open the Performance Options dialog.
4. Select the Advanced tab.
5. In the Virtual Memory section, click on Change. This will open the Virtual Memory dialog.
6. Select the Custom Size option.
7. Type 4000 in both text boxes.
8. Click on the Set button.
9. Click OK three times to close all open dialogs.

That's it. Now your program should work normally.

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