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Hypervisual Century

Frequently asked questions

Why are you giving away this game? Where is the catch?

There is no catch. The game is free. Hypervisual Century is a gift for you.

The game

I got three eyes or three watermelons with one coin. Why didn't I win the jackpot?

The jackpot is paid according to the coins you bet. You have to insert at least 3 coins to win the jackpot.

What happens when I lose all my money?

Be careful! You are almost losing your jackpot. When you lose all your money, your credits will be reset to 200.00 and the jackpot will go back to 2,000.00.

Why was the jackpot suddenly reset to 2,000.00?

This happens every time that your credits go below the value of a single coin. Distinctive sounds and animations are shown. You will have to start all over again!

Why can't I lock any reel?

You have configured a winning combination, locked a reel in the previous turn, are starting the game or have lost all your money in the last turn.

But I didn't win or lock any reels in the last turn. Why can't I lock the reels?

You have configured a winning combination in the last turn. Even if you have not bet on it, the machine forbids you to lock any reel.

The system

The message "Your system must be configured to 32 k colors or more (high-color) to run this program" appeared. What must I do?

To change video configurations, go to Control Panel, run the Video icon and click the Settings tab. In the Color Palette combo box, select High Color or True Color. If the system asks you to restart your machine, do it.

I need to change my hard disk but I don't want to lose my jackpot. How can I do it?

A file called CENTURY.DAT file resides in the same folder where you installed the game (usually C:\Program Files\Hypervisual Century Slots). It contains the current reel position, the player credits, the coins inserted, the state of the autobet feature and the jackpot value after each turn. If you ever change hard disks or computers, backup this file, reinstall Hypervisual Century and overwrite the existing CENTURY.DAT with the file you backed up.

Are there any cheats? Can I change any game configurations?

To find out, send an empty message with the subject "Can I configure Hypervisual Century?" to century.cheats@hypervisual.com.

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